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Public Support for Basic Policies of DACA Program Edges Up
New PRRI polling shows support for the policies behind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is edging up.
A new PRRI survey finds Americans express broad support for policies to assist disadvantaged children, but skepticism that government can deliver.
Ahead of SCOTUS hearing Masterpiece Bakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, PRRI finds 53% oppose allowing wedding vendors to deny service to same-sex couples.
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Religion & Culture
Additional Evidence of White Evangelical Protestant Decline
There are at least three major independent pieces of evidence corroborating recent PRRI findings about white evangelical Protestant decline.
Survey Report
Religion & Culture
America’s Changing Religious Identity
A seismic survey of American religious and denominational identity—the largest of its kind ever conducted—chronicles changes in the US religious landscape.
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Religion & Culture
How Religiously Unaffiliated is Your City?
The religiously unaffiliated make up roughly one-quarter (24 percent) of the country’s religious landscape, as reported in PRRI’s “America’s Changing Religious Identity.”…
President Trump may soon end the DACA program. But majorities of Americans support the policies behind it.
Seven months into Trump's presidency, four in ten Americans believe the president should be impeached and removed from office, finds a PRRI poll.
More than seven in ten (71 percent) white working-class Americans say the Confederate flag is more a symbol of southern pride than racism, a view shared by less than half (42 percent) of white college…
Spotlight Analysis
Few Americans Say Immigrants Increase Crime in Local Communities
President Trump has returned to an old campaign talking point: Immigrant crime. But few Americans believe immigrants increase local crime.
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