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Demographic Changes in Texas Could Transform the State in 2020
Despite the documented change in the Texas population, opinions on key issues that divide Democrats and Republicans have not moved in the last few years.
Just under half (49%) of Americans report that they themselves have had an abortion or know someone who has (or both).
When it comes to prioritizing career or personal matters, most Californians prioritize personal matters.
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Abortion & Reproductive Health
From Alabama to New York: Where the States Stand on Abortion and Contraception
Support for abortion legality varies significantly by region.
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Politics & Elections
Jewish Partisanship and Ideology Unchanged Despite Political Controversies
Nearly half (47%) of Jewish Americans identify as Democrats.
Survey Report
Abortion & Reproductive Health
The State of Abortion and Contraception Attitudes in All 50 States
Findings from the 2018 American Values Atlas.
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Race & Ethnicity
Corporate America Leads in Exposing Americans to Diversity
A majority of Americans (53%) say they frequently interact with people who do not share their race or ethnicity at work.
Many Americans still believe that gender is binary.
Small but growing number of Americans favor allowing religiously based service refusals to Atheists, Muslims, Jews, and African Americans.
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Politics & Elections
Americans Agree on Ramifications of a Census Citizenship Question
Approximately three-quarters (76%) of Americans say it is at least somewhat likely that the census will not get an accurate count because some people will be worried about answering this question.
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