As President Donald Trump pronounced the evils of socialism during the 2019 State of the Union address, many Democratic politicians and presidential hopefuls continued to call for more liberal and soc…
Majority also oppose religion-based refusals to serve gay and lesbian people.
Americans remain widely supportive of broad nondiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.
new PRRI survey shows nearly seven in 10 Americans support making nondiscrimination laws LGBT-inclusive, including majorities in all 50 states.
A majority of Americans support LGBT rights.
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Slim Majority of Methodists Support Same-Sex Marriage
The United Methodist Church decides on LGBT topics.
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American Democracy in Crisis: The Fate of Pluralism in a Divided Nation
After two years in office, the public’s view of President Trump remains negative.
New, in-depth analysis of interviews with nearly 3,000 Texans finds strong majority support across a broad range of subgroups for laws that would protecting lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual peo…
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Nation Divided on Impeaching President Trump
Under mounting pressure from an FBI probe scrutinizing the president’s ties to Russia as well as a record government shutdown approaching its 5th week, calls for impeachment are beginning to percola…
Numbers from the 2018 American Values Survey show the divide.
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