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Black Protestants: Unified for 2020
Analyzing Black Protestants and the 2020 election.
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Politics & Elections
White Evangelical Protestants Attitudes Toward Donald Trump, 2015 – 2019
Favorability of Trump  White evangelical Protestant attitudes about Donald Trump have moved through three distinct phases since PRRI has been tracking them beginning in 2015: Before Trump became the…
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Ten Notable Findings in 2019
A look at PRRI's most vital information from 2019.
Looking at the Fairness for All Act.
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Politics & Elections
Evangelical Magazine Christianity Today Calls for Trump’s Removal
98% of Republican white evangelical Protestants oppose Trump’s impeachment.
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Politics & Elections
What do Americans Think About Violent Political Rhetoric?
Violent and dehumanizing political rhetoric has been shown to make people more willing to endorse violence.
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Politics & Elections
Inconsistent Party Views Across the United States
Despite increasing levels of partisanship in the United States, a sizable group of Americans holds positive views of both the Democratic and Republican partie.
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Politics & Elections
Democrats and Republicans Far Apart on Issues Ahead of Thanksgiving
There is little unity across the two major political parties over what these top issues are.
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The College Affordability Crisis
As college tuition rises and the national student debt mounts, many Americans view higher education as a goal that is increasingly out of reach.
A new study on the AAPI population in California.
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