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Trumpism After Trump? How Fox News Structures Republican Attitudes
Fox News viewers have a very different view of the United States.
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Religion & Culture
Religion Divides Hispanic Opinion in the U.S.
Early polling indicates that around one-third of Hispanic voters cast their ballots for President Donald Trump.
The vast majority of Americans (70%) favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally, compared to 28% of Americans who oppose it.
Survey Report
Politics & Elections
What Are Americans Worried About in the 2020 Election?
Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is considerable uncertainty about how many Americans will turn out to vote.
Two-thirds (67%) of Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction.
Four in ten (40%) Americans currently hold favorable views of Donald Trump, compared to nearly six in ten (57%) who view him unfavorably.
White Americans are notably divided by partisanship, Christian affiliation, and educational attainment.
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Politics & Elections
Are Hispanic Americans Warming Up to Trump?
More than one-third (36%) of Hispanic Americans view Trump favorably, a significant increase from 2019.
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Politics & Elections
Trump Favorability Holds, Remains Substantially Lower Than March Peak
Favorable views of Trump remain essentially unchanged.
Hispanic Christian, Black Christian, and non-Christian religious groups are more likely to live in areas hardest hit by COVID-19 cases.
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