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Politics & Elections
100 Days of Trump: His Executive Orders and Where Americans Stand
President Trump nears his 100-day benchmark in office and he’s already signed nearly 70 executive actions. Some have been signed without much fanfare; others have sparked mass protests and challenge…
Rumblings of a “religious left” rising have been happening ever since President Trump’s win in 2016. But PRRI’s Dan Cox points out in FiveThirtyEight that growing religiously…
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Climate Change & Science
Most Believe Science in Conflict with Religion—Except Their Own Religious Beliefs
Most (54%) Americans believe science and religion are often in conflict, but 59% say science does not conflict with their own *personal* religious beliefs.
Ahead of Tax Day, PRRI finds overwhelming support for higher taxes on the wealthy among Americans of all political and religious affiliations.
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Abortion & Reproductive Health
73% of Millennials say Sexual Assault Common in College
During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, PRRI looks at millennials' experience with sexual assault—and how different institutions are handling the issue.
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Climate Change & Science
Republicans Divided on Limiting Power Plant Emissions
Most Americans favor stricter limits on power plant emissions—and Republicans are divided on the issue.
As President Trump rolls back Obama-era guidelines protecting transgender students, PRRI finds a majority of Americans oppose transgender bathroom laws.
As President Trump’s tumultuous first month comes to an end, a PRRI survey finds 47% of the public believe the president has violated the Constitution.
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Politics & Elections
Is California the Future?
California's religious, racial, and ethnic profile closely resembles the country’s youngest generation.
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Politics & Elections
Ahead of President’s Day, America’s Favorite President
Yearly, Americans observe Presidents Day in celebration for George Washington’s birthday and in remembrance of our nation’s leaders, both past and present. Using PRRI’s 2016 American Values Surv…
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