Where Americans stand on player protests.
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Politics & Elections
Economic Distress Among Trump Voters Not What It Appears
The prevailing narrative of the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath focused heavily on the economic concerns of Americans, particularly among one key subset of the population — the “white…
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Abortion & Reproductive Health
The Nation’s Attitudes on Roe v. Wade and the Future of the U.S. Supreme Court
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Politics & Elections
Fight Against Voter Purge Continues in Ohio
PRRI/The Atlantic data shines new light on Ohio voter purge.
Many Californians are working and struggling with poverty.
Are schools required to teach children how to read? The question may seem simple to some, but under the eyes of the law, it can get murky. A court battle in Michigan, in which students from Detroit Pu…
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Race & Ethnicity
Laura Ingraham, Racial Anxieties and the Cultural Change in America
When Fox News host Laura Ingraham lamented “massive demographic changes,” across the United States, she was channelling racial anxieties held by a large but shrinking group of Americans,…
Religion, wedding cakes, and the right to refuse: Americans are split almost exactly down the middle.
Dan Cox, PhD, examines how the nation feels about outside interference by a foreign government.
Two-thirds of the country agree: America is going off track.
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