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Race & Ethnicity
The State of Black America in 2020
The rift between black Americans and other racial groups in regard to measuring an issue as critical is not subtle.
New data from PRRI shows that 41% of Americans hold favorable views of President Donald Trump.
(83%) of black Americans do not believe that police treat black Americans generally the same as whites.
Residents of states with no statewide LGBT nondiscrimination laws are largely in favor of nondiscrimination laws.
PRRI CEO and founder Robert P. Jones on white supremacy across the U.S.
For the first time in its history, Twitter refuted inaccuracies in President Trump’s tweets.
Support for transgender rights has increased in recent years.
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Politics & Elections
Broad Opposition to Religious Exemptions During Stay-At-Home Orders
President Trump announced intentions for churches on Friday.
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Who Uses Social Media Most Frequently?
Facebook reigns supreme.
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Politics & Elections
Data Reveals the First Word Americans Connect to Trump
More than six in ten (62%) responded with a negative term.
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