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The Resurgence of “Birtherism” and Attitudes on Birthright Citizenship
Amina Zarrugh, Ph.D., is an associate professor of sociology at Texas Christian University and a 2023-2024 PRRI Public Fellow. Her research areas are immigration and migration.  During the 2024 presi…
Americans are divided in their views of how their freedoms have shifted in recent years: Except for bodily autonomy (which Democrats and young people are more likely to say is being restricted), Repub…
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Anti-Trans Attitudes in Political Context
Joanna Wuest, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of politics at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts where she teaches constitutional law, American politics, and gender and sexuality politics. She is…
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Young Americans’ Views on LGBTQ Rights
Although there is still broad support for LGBTQ rights among young Americans, the decline in support, with the most drastic decline being among Republicans, is still noteworthy.
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PRRI Generation Z Fact Sheet
Download this fact sheet as a PDF. This fact sheet describes the demographics, political leanings, and religious makeup of Generation Z Americans based on data from PRRI’s American Values Atlas, whi…
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Religion & Culture
Religious Change in America
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Politics & Elections
Is Gen Z Switching Political Direction? Not So Fast.
With Gen Z women almost twice as likely to describe themselves as liberal (47%) rather than conservative (24%), Gen Z women make up the most progressive cohort of voters in the nation—by far.
For the first time since PRRI’s American Values Atlas began tracking nationwide support for three key policies — nondiscrimination protections, religiously based service refusals, and same-sex mar…
Religiously unaffiliated Black Americans are notably less likely to hold favorable views of Biden compared with their Christian counterparts. As of 2023, a slim majority of Black unaffiliated American…
In 2023, PRRI interviewed more than 22,000 adults to estimate support for Christian nationalism in all 50 states. Roughly three in ten Americans qualify as Christian nationalism Adherents or Sympathiz…
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