As a whole, Americans today are more supportive than ever of LGBTQ rights. Yet, the latest national survey from PRRI shows clear partisan and religious divides on these issues. In September 2022, PRRI…
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What About the [Immigrant] Children? Looking at 10 Years of DACA
DACA turned ten years old in 2022, providing an opportunity to reflect on how the United States and its policies have treated immigrant children during the past decade. In 2012, President Barack Obama…
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Politics & Elections
Why the Threat to Democracy Remains After the 2022 Midterm Elections
The red wave of Republican victories many expected in the 2022 midterm elections never materialized, but the election results still suggest that American democracy is facing a significant, enduring ch…
Younger voters, particularly younger women voters, overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates in the 2022 midterm elections, with some analyses suggesting that their votes effectively canceled out…
Americans have grown accustomed to hearing about tensions between those who support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights and supporters of religious freedom. Though these two grouping…
The recent midterm elections have reignited public debates about the role of personal morality in the private lives of elected officials. In the 2016 presidential election, the majority of white Chris…
Over the past two years, government officials in a number of states have introduced new policies to limit or prohibit certain types of conversations about race and gender in diversity trainings or edu…
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Law & Criminal Justice
Southern Attitudes Toward Confederate Monuments and Reforming Public Spaces
PRRI and E Pluribus Unum recently released findings from a national survey examining Americans’ divisions in attitudes toward preserving the legacy of the Confederacy and how public spaces can be ma…
To view a PDF of findings presented October 27, 2022, click here: 2022 American Values Survey.  To view the webinar via YouTube, click here: Challenges in Moving Toward a More Inclusive Democracy: Fr…
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