On April 13, 2022, at the direction of Gov. Greg Abbott, two dozen migrants were loaded on a bus in Texas and sent to Washington, D.C. Busing migrants out of southern border cities and leaving them in…
The year 2022 saw the highest-ever number of anti-transgender bills introduced in state legislatures across the nation, but 2023 is on track to set a new record. In January alone, Republican lawmakers…
Political battles over education have become increasingly heated, with efforts to ban books teaching African American history on the rise, and even the College Board changing its pilot AP class on Afr…
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Race & Ethnicity
The Importance of Christianity to Black Americans
February was officially named Black History Month in 1976, but the tradition of honoring the history, progress, and achievements of Black Americans in February goes back to 1926, when the celebration…
The 2022 Census of American Religion update is part of an annual update to PRRI’s groundbreaking 2020 Census of American Religion, the first study to provide reliable county-level religious affiliat…
  To view a PDF of slides presented during PRRI’s February 23, 2023, webinar on the report, please click here.  For a replay of the PRRI webinar via YouTube, please click here.
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Abortion & Reproductive Health
Age Matters, but U.S. Latinos Show Smaller Generational Differences on Social Issues
The growth of Latino communities in the United States, both in number and in electoral importance, has led to much public discussion about “the Latino vote.” Political parties have tried to court…
  To view a PDF of slides presented at the February 8, 2023 click here: Understanding the Threat of White Christian Nationalism. To view a replay of the webinar via YouTube, click here: New Surve…
Americans’ views on policies that provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented migrants have become increasingly polarized along partisan lines over the past decade. PRRI data from 2022 shows t…
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