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Paper on ‘New Evangelicalism’ Cites PRRI Research
In a paper titled Searching for a New Story: The Possibility of a New Evangelical Movement in the U.S. published in the current Journal of Religion and Society, Paul Markham cites Public Religion Rese…
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PRRI Puts Judge’s Calif. Prop. 8 Ruling in Context
The court ruling today that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional comes on the heels of a major PRRI survey showing that a similar ballot measure would not pass today. PRRI found that 51 percent of Californians…
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Law & Criminal Justice
Religion, Proposition 8, and Same-Sex Marriage in California
As California awaits a decision on Proposition 8, a PRRI survey examines the role religion plays in structuring attitudes toward same-sex marriage.
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Religious Activism and Immigration Reform
On June 15, Public Religion Research Institute CEO Robert P. Jones participated in a panel at the Brookings Institution on immigration reform and religious activism. The panel, which was hosted by E.…
One little known fact about Gov. Brewer is that as Secretary of State she launched a program in 2003 to establish Arizona as a Golden Rule state, recognizing "those who treat others the way they would…
Evangelical leaders' recent show of support for comprehensive immigration reform has strong backing from white evangelical Americans, according to March 2010 national poll on religion, values, and imm…
Public Religion Research Institute CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones served as a featured speaker at the recent Leading Edge Conference at Middle Collegiate Church. In response to numerous requests, we've poste…
Residents of Ohio and Arkansas are overwhelmingly in support of an earned path to citizenship for immigrants living the U.S. illegally, finds a PRRI poll.
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Strong Support for Immigration Reform in Ohio & Arkansas
A national re-contact survey and three state-level reports released today show strong support for immigration reform among residents of Ohio and Arkansas. “Like Americans overall, Ohio and Arkansas…
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Religion, Values, and Immigration Reform
PRRI finds broad support across religious groups for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform, and strong approval for clergy speaking out on the issue.
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