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Climate Change & Science
“Global Warming” vs. “Climate Change”
A new study released by the University of Michigan confirmed results of a 2009 poll conducted by Public Religion Research on behalf of Faith in Public Life and Oxfam America. The Michigan study found:…
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Politics & Elections
PRRI in the News: National Coverage of February PRRI/RNS Survey
The results from the February PRRI/RNS Religion News Survey released last week have been popping up in newspapers and on blogs across the country.  The survey, conducted by Public Religion Research I…
A PRRI/RNS poll finds that more than seven in ten believe Congress should not single out Muslims, revealing a public wrestling with fears and fairness post-9/11.
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“A Pastoral Letter Regarding Bullying and Suicide”
In the wake of the recent string of teen suicides, the Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), drafted a letter to the church calling on…
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Politics & Elections
What Americans Think about Civility
With President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight, we wanted to bring to your attention to three recent non-partisan national surveys from Public Religion Research Institute that identified…
Survey Report
Politics & Elections
Republicans More Likely to be Blamed for Violent Rhetoric
Americans are significantly more likely to say Republicans more often use violent rhetoric than Democrats in political arguments, finds a PRRI survey.
Survey Report
Politics & Elections
Only 1-in-5 Give ‘Moral State of the Union’ High Marks
A PRRI survey finds that fewer than one-quarter of Americans say they would give the current “moral state of the union” a grade of an “A” or “B.”
  Recent polling reveals that the public saw the lack of civility in American politics as a serious problem, even before the shootings of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others in Tucson, Ar…
Ahead of the 2010 holiday season, a PRRI/RNS Religion survey finds that one in ten Americans have family members celebrating a different holiday than their own.
Perceptions of Obama’s faith, views on Islam, and priorities of white evangelicals: these topics and more in a survey conducted with The Brookings Institution.
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