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Religion & Culture
Unveiling the Exodus: Americans’ Reasons for Leaving Religious Traditions
As the United States becomes more religiously diverse and Americans become more likely to identify as religiously unaffiliated (27% as of 2023), a growing number of people are departing from their pre…
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Ten Years Since the “Gang of Eight”
Introduction In 2023, an important anniversary in immigration policy occurred: It has now been 10 years since the U.S. Senate passed S.744. Though S.744 never passed the House, this bill was notable f…
New PRRI data from June 2023 finds that former President Donald Trump maintains his majority approval ratings among Republican base groups. Trump currently faces his strongest competition in Florida G…
In 2013, immigration policy was top of mind for many Americans due to President Obama’s push for immigration reform and the creation of the “Gang of Eight” senators who (unsuccessfully) strove t…
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Religion & Culture
The Future of “Born-Again Evangelicalism” Is Charismatic and Pentecostal
The rapid growth of charismatic worship is shifting the nature of “born-again evangelicalism” in the United States. Our recent research indicates that a significant percentage of those who now ide…
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Abortion & Reproductive Health
Shifts in Support for Abortion by Party and Religious Affiliation
As we reach the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, which overturned the constitutional right to abortion, it is notable that support for abortion’s…
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Abortion & Reproductive Health
The Sorting of Party, Ideology, and Religion Among Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Americans
Abortion is generally seen as a partisan issue, although there are partisans who venture across party lines when adopting stances on abortion, such as “pro-choice” Republicans and “pro-life” D…
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“Identity Politics” and Transgender Equality
It is standard for Public Religion Research Institute, along with other survey and polling organizations, to track trends in American attitudes by key demographics: religious affiliation, political pa…
Over the past two election cycles, Hispanic voters have been one of the most important voting blocs, with both Republicans and Democrats attempting to win over this constituency. This once reliably-De…
  To view a webinar discussion on key findings with PRRI’s CEO Melissa Deckman, Heath Brown, and PRRI Public Fellows Kelsy Burke, Andrew R. Flores, and Suzanna Krivulskaya, click here.
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