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Where Texans Stand on LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws
Daniel Cox, Joanna Piacenza,

Houston residents vote Tuesday on legislation that would establish nondiscrimination protections for members of the LGBT community. The ordinance, called the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), endured an 18-month battle that has included accusations of both religious intolerance and harsh criticisms of transgender people, and, has received national attention and garnered celebrity and political endorsements.

To help understand the debate, PRRI took a look at where Texas residents stand on a number of LGBT issues—and how they compare to Americans overall.

Texas Nondiscrimination Table copy

Half of Texans (50 percent) favor same-sex marriage compared to a majority (54 percent) of Americans overall. However, Texans are about as likely as Americans overall (70 percent vs. 72 percent) to support nondiscrimination laws that would protect members of the LGBT community against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations, and housing.

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