Flavio Rogerio Hickel, Jr. (he/him), is an assistant professor of political science at Washington College in Chestertown, Md., where he teaches courses on race/ethnic politics, public opinion, and American political institutions.

Hickel’s research broadly explores the impact of marginalized identities on political attitudes with an emphasis on the Latino/a/x community. More specifically, he is interested in the different ways in which individuals define Latino/a/x identity and the political implications of those understandings.

Drawing upon Social Identity Theory, his work also explores the conditions in which the strength/salience of Latino/a/x identity evolves and how this impacts support for policies/politicians that advance or harm the social status of this group. His work has been published in Public Opinion Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, and Politics & Religion. His work has also been featured in The Washington Post, Religion News Services, and through PRRI Spotlight analyses.  

 Hickel earned his Ph.D. in American politics from Rutgers University.

Research Area: Religious, Racial, and Ethnic Pluralism 

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