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Radio Show ‘To the Point’ Features PRRI’s Findings on Prop. 8
Topics: LGBTQ

On April 5 Dr. Robert P. Jones was a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program To the Point’s show called “Prop 8 and Prop C: States Rights and Political Consequences” talking about the religious and social divides on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Listen to the podcast of Dr. Jones’s interview here

From the broadcast, Dr. Robert P. Jones:

One of the surprising findings of the poll, that’s not surprising for those of us who study religion in America, but is surprising for how this debate is often framed is we clearly found major religious groups on both sides of this debate. The debate is often framed as secular liberals against religious conservatives.  But in fact we found, for example, solid majorities of Latino Catholics, white mainline Protestants – such as Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and the like – along with a majority of white Catholics all saying that they would now vote to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.  So that’s on one side.  And on the other side we found solid majorities of white evangelical Protestant Christians, Latino Protestant Christians and African-American Protestant Christians saying they would vote to keep same-sex marriage illegal.

Please visit KCRW’s To the Point to listen to the entire broadcast.