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NPR: Obama Redraws Map of Religious Voters

This most recent selection from National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” mentions the work of Public Religion Research, noting the positive shift in the relationship between the Democratic Party and religious voters. The full text is available from NPR’s website here.

Obama Redraws Map of Religious Voters
by Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Religious language trips off Barack Obama’s tongue as if he were a native of the Bible Belt. From the moment he emerged on the national scene, he has spoken to believers in a language few Democrats have mastered: the language of the Bible and of a personal relationship with God…

Pollster Robert P. Jones of Public Religion Research says that Obama’s appearance at the 2004 convention was a turning point in the relationship between Democrats and believers. Then, a majority of Americans viewed the Democratic Party as hostile to religion. But Jones’ poll this month found a remarkable shift.

“Barack Obama was perceived to be more friendly to religion than John McCain,” he says. “And that is, I think, an indication of the real sea change that’s under way, and the way in which religion is interacting in public life.”

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