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New Resource: Religion & Politics
Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux,

Today, the John C. Danforth Center at Washington University in St. Louis is launching Religion & Politics, a new online journal that focuses on the role religion plays in the civic and political life of the United States. In her introductory note, the editor, Dr. Marie Griffith, sets forth an ambitious but worthy goal. Religion, she observes, “has always been entwined in American politics.” As the country ages, burgeoning religious differences and expanding political gulfs make the task of exploring this terrain even more difficult. But, Dr. Griffith writes, this journal is intended for “slower, deeper reflection on the long and complicated relationship between religion and US politics.”

The site currently displays a wide range of articles, from an essay on Jon Stewart as religious teacher to a examination of President Obama’s standing among American Jews (with some PRRI numbers thrown in!) to a progressive theologian’s reflections on his conservative Pennsylvania roots. The content is rich and varied, and the journal is sure to be an excellent resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of religion and politics with some thoughtful commentary from contemporary scholars and opinion leaders.

Just a few articles to check out now:

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