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PRRI on Georgia Public Broadcasting
Joanna Piacenza,

Can America move past racial tensions when white Americans’ social networks are so homogeneous? What can white Americans do to help combat racism in the U.S.? PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones tackles these questions and more on Georgia’s Public Broadcasting’s “On Second Thought” during his second appearance on the show this week.

As public protests simmer after grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo. and Staten Island, host Celeste Headlee explores these deeper racial issues with Jones and two other guests—journalist and author Tanner Colby, and author Katherine Fritz. Jones points out that much of whites misunderstandings about race stem from self-segregation, something he has addressed in his monthly Atlantic column:

Even though we’ve seen a similar number in other polls, we were surprised to find that 91 percent of whites’ core social networks are mostly white and three-quarters of whites’ social networks are all white. It’s still shocking even if we look at more “casual” social numbers—less than 4-in-10 whites report even having a casual conversation with an African American on a very regular basis.

Listen in:

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