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In Religion News Service | Faith and Values in 2014
Joanna Piacenza,

Our friends at Religion News Service wrote up a handy listicle of faith and values in 2014—and used tons of PRRI data to help everyone understand religion and society this year.

• Beliefs about the existence and causes of climate change might be signaled by your religious affiliation. Using the PRRI/AAR climate change report, RNS reports that nearly 4-in-10 (39 percent) white evangelical Protestants believe there is no solid evidence the earth’s temperature is rising, while 61 percent of Hispanic Catholics and 57 percent of religiously unaffiliated Americans say the earth is getting warmer and the cause is primarily because of human activity.

• Half of white evangelical Protestants see themselves as victims of significant discrimination as the number of white evangelicals continues to dwindle nationwide. RNS points to our 2014 American Values Survey to show that white evangelical Protestants (20 percent) are numerically neck-and-neck with the religiously unaffiliated (19 percent). 

• Young Americans care about LGBT issues—so much so that nearly one-third (31 percent) of Millennials who left their childhood religion say negative church teachings about or treatment of gay and lesbian people were a very or somewhat important factor in their decision to leave. Using our LGBT survey, RNS reports a significant shift toward LGBT tolerance across every religious, political, and age group as well as every region of the country.

• Church attendance is down and Americans are lying about showing up to services. RNS cites our “I Know What You Did Last Sunday” survey, which shows that Americans are more likely to lie about religious attendance when interviewed on the phone.

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