In the past year, PRRI has conducted surveys that analyze Americans’ attitudes on immigration, abortion, LGBTQ rights, climate change, and much more. As we continue to monitor the religious habits of Americans, PRRI’s research is also tracking the rising influence of Christian nationalism, which poses a major threat to the health of our pluralistic democracy.

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Recent PRRI survey findings include:

  • PRRI’s survey report, “The Faith Factor in Climate Change” found that 3 in 10 white evangelical Protestants (31%) believe that climate change is caused by humans, compared with majorities of almost all other major religions who believe climate change is caused by human activity.
  • Our survey report “The Politics of Gender, Pronouns, and Public Education” found that 80% of Republicans say they feel strongly that there are only two genders, while 48% of Independents and 28% of Democrats feel the same.
  • In February, PRRI released new findings about American attitudes on abortion, including that just under two-thirds of Americans (64%) say that abortion should be legal in most or all cases, while roughly one-third (34%) say it should be illegal in most or all cases.
  • According to data from “Religion and Congregations in a Time of Social and Political Upheaval,” fewer than 2 in 10 Americans (16%) say religion is the most important thing in their lives today.

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