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PRRI/Brookings Institution Immigration Survey Report Launch

As the 2016 election draws near, issues related to immigration and broader cultural change continue to dominate the national political dialogue. Now, an extensive new survey of more than 2,500 Americans sheds light on how the public views these issues, and largely reveals the cultural and economic anxieties fueling Donald Trump’s success among core Republican constituencies such as white working-class Americans and white evangelical Protestants.

Join PRRI, in partnership with with the Governance Studies program at The Brookings Institution, for the release of the survey report ,”How Immigration and Concerns about Cultural Changes are Shaping the 2016 Election.” A panel of experts will discuss the survey’s findings and take audience questions:

  • E.J. Dionne, Jr., Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution
  • William A. Galston, Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution
  • Robert P. Jones, CEO at PRRI
  • Karlyn Bowman, Senior Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute
  • Henry Olsen, Senior Fellow at The Ethics & Public Policy Center
  • Joy Reid, National Correspondent at MSNBC

The survey also gauges support for policies such as building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country, providing a path to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally, and the resettlement of Syrian refugees. In addition, it explores perceptions of discrimination against white Americans and Christians, and measures the extent to which Americans believe the uncertain times demand an unconventional leader.

The event is open to to the media and coverage is welcome. Members of the media may contact jpiacenza@publicreligion.org to request an embargoed copy of the report.

More details about the event can be found here.

Hope to see you there!