Public Religion Research Institute CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones served as a featured speaker at the recent Leading Edge Conference at Middle Collegiate Church. In response to numerous requests, we've poste…
Residents of Ohio and Arkansas are overwhelmingly in support of an earned path to citizenship for immigrants living the U.S. illegally, finds a PRRI poll.
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Strong Support for Immigration Reform in Ohio & Arkansas
A national re-contact survey and three state-level reports released today show strong support for immigration reform among residents of Ohio and Arkansas. “Like Americans overall, Ohio and Arkansas…
Survey Report
Religion, Values, and Immigration Reform
PRRI finds broad support across religious groups for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform, and strong approval for clergy speaking out on the issue.
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Immigration Attitudes: Taking Another Look at the Data
A new survey released by the Center for Immigration Studies and conducted by Zogby International has received considerable attention since its release on December 29, 2009. But Dr. Robert P. Jones, pr…
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Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality in D.C.
Rev. Dr. Joseph Palacios, assistant professor at Georgetown University and founder of Catholics United for Marriage Equality, draws on Public Religion Research data during his testimony before the Was…
A majority of clergy who belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) support ordination of gay and lesbian clergy, and a plurality (46%) support performing same-sex marriages in states…
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Politics & Elections
Palin the Polarizer
Tom Schaller over at fivethiryeight reviews our piece at Religion Dispatches. The Obama campaign’s response to John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his 2008 running mate was to argue…
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Religion & Culture
A Resurrection of Progressive Religious Voices
George Rede, Sunday opinion editor at the Oregonian, focused his Easter Sunday column on my recent book, Progressive & Religious. In the piece, entitled “Religious progressives find new acceptance…
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Religion & Culture
Evangelicals Fire the Future: Rich Cizik’s Resignation
The former VP of the National Association of Evangelicals was forced to resign for his acceptance of gay civil unions; ironic, given the views of evangelicalism's future leaders.
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