Will Conservative Christians Help Re-elect Trump?

Will Conservative Christians Help Re-elect Trump?

In a recent interview with The New York TimesPRRI CEO Robert P. Jones explained that is likely President Trump will win the vast majority of white evangelical voters. “There’s no world in which Biden is going to get a quarter of white evangelical votes,” Jones says. “They look just so locked in.” Jones notes that as many as 85% of white evangelical Protestants casting ballots could do so for Trump. According to Elizabeth Dias, some who might not vote for Trump have likely not expressed so publicly. “Voices of dissent, when they exist, are often uncomfortable saying publicly that they will not vote for Mr. Trump, because of how contentious the issue is in their families or churches,” she writes.


Many Americans Are Convinced There Will be Post-Election Violence

More than eight in ten Americans (86%) are somewhat or very worried that there will be widespread violent protests in cities across the country following Tuesday’s presidential election. This issue transcends partisanship, with more than eight in ten Republicans (83%) and Democrats (88%) saying they are somewhat or very worried. The potential for violence is palpable across the media landscape. “Should the worst happen — a disputed election, broad civil unrest, a candidate refusing to concede — the US will have entered a dark period of its history,” Alex Ward writes at Vox. “The worst could be avoided if demonstrations are conducted peacefully and everyone refrains from starting a fight. But if there’s no restraint, everyone’s worst fears could come true,” Ward adds.

Trump Threatens to Fire Fauci, Who Americans Trust More Than Trump

During a recent rally, President Donald Trump insinuated that he would fire Dr. Anthony Fauci if he wins Tuesday’s presidential election. “Don’t tell anybody, but let me wait until a little bit after the election,” Trump said after a “Fire Fauci” chant broke out. According to PRRI Research Director Natalie Jackson, “Trump threatening Fauci is a play to his hardest-core base, no one else.” Jackson notes that PRRI’s most recent data shows that “49% of the country has ‘a lot’ of trust in Fauci on the pandemic (17% none).” Additional data shows that just 14% of the country has a lot of trust in Trump to provide accurate pandemic information. Trust is higher among Republicans (39%) and Republicans who most trust Fox News for television news (58%).

Brownstein: Democrats Could Win, But Won’t Neutralize Republicans

In a new piece for The Atlantic, Ronald Brownstein looks at what could happen if former Vice President Joe Biden is elected president. Though a Biden victory would indicate a desire for change, not all will have voted for it. “That doesn’t mean the voters who embody the nation’s future are guaranteed a lasting victory over those who feel threatened by it,” Brownstein writes. Brownstein cites PRRI data in his analysis on how Biden could win. “A recent poll by [PRRI] shows Biden leading with Catholics and running about even among Protestants. Both then and now, Trump faces rejection from about 70 percent of the growing number of secular adults who don’t identify with any religious tradition.”