The Big Myth About the Supposed ‘Anti-Trans’ Backlash

The Big Myth About the Supposed ‘Anti-Trans’ Backlash

Sarah Posner for MSNBC reports on recent polling – including PRRI’s – that shows an increase in anti-trans views of Republicans and white evangelicals that is being mistaken for a broader anti-trans backlash. Instead, she explains that a concerted effort by Christian right interest groups and political operativeshave sought to influence both conservative voters and the broader public. Last week in Arkansas, however, a federal judge ruled Arkansas’ SAFE Actunconstitutional, noting that the Alliance Defending Freedom “is not a scientific organization, but a Christian-based legal advocacy group.” PRRI researchfinds that while the vast majority of Americans who trust conservative news say there are only two genders (96%), only 56% of Americans who trust mainstream news sources agree.

GOP 2024 Hopefuls Court Evangelicals As They Struggle Over Abortion

Maeve Reston and Marianne LeVine for The Washington Post report that both Donald Trump and Nikki Haley have been evasive about how late in a pregnancy they would allow abortion. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis has now goneon the offensive after initially being covert about the 6-week ban he signed in Florida. Some evangelical leaders say that Trump’s waffling on his abortion position has led them to being open to an alternative candidate. PRRI research finds that a quarter of white evangelical Protestants say abortion should be legal in most or all cases, compared to 65% of Americans who said the same.

The Post-Racial Republicans

At The Atlantic, Ronald Brownstein writes that Republican Sen.Tim Scott and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s repeated insistence that racism is no longer a problem recently drew a rebuke from former President Barack Obama. With the Republican voting coalition still relying heavily on white voters, PRRI President and Founder Robert P. Jones says the external historical reckoning the country is going through has prompted an “internal response” from the GOP that has included a rejection of racism as an ongoing problem and a further claim that core GOP constituencies are the real victims of bias. In PRRI polling, about two-thirds of Republicans agreed that discrimination against white people is now as big a problem as bias against minorities.

PRRI Data Measures Support for LGBTQ-Affirming Policies

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