Republican Women, Fearing Backlash on Abortion, Pivot to Birth Control

Republican Women, Fearing Backlash on Abortion, Pivot to Birth Control

The New York Times’ Annie Karni reports that Republican politicians have increasingly leaned on their support of birth control access to distract voters from their anti-abortion positions. One example is Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a Republican from Iowa, who helped introduce the Orally Taken Contraception Act of 2023. Abortion rights advocates, however, maintain that the bill is essentially meaningless, and merely an effort by Republican lawmakers to mislead voters. Last year, Miller-Meeks and her co-sponsors voted against a Democratic bill that would guarantee contraception nationwide. PRRI research finds that 84% of Americans oppose laws that restrict what types of birth control can be used to prevent pregnancy.

The Christian Home-Schooler Who Made ‘Parental Rights’ a GOP Rallying Cry

Continuing The Washington Post’s coverage of the rise of homeschooling, Emma Brown and Peter Jamison profile Michael Farris, a leading conservative evangelical lawyer who has been a part of numerous court cases about homeschooling and other conservative issues for decades. Farris led the Alliance Defending Freedom from 2017 to 2022, ran for office (unsuccessfully), and founded Patrick Henry College, specifically for homeschoolers. Now, his ideas about schools and parental rights are finding success in state legislatures and informing advocacy groups across the country. PRRI finds that 53% of Americans agree that public schools interfere too much with parents’ rights to determine what their children are taught, including nearly 79% of Republicans, 50% of independents, and 31% of Democrats.

Judge Halts Efforts To End Immigration Detention in New Jersey

Daniel Han at Politico reports that a federal judge ruled on Tuesday that a New Jersey law banning private immigration detention contracts with federal authorities from being renewed is “unconstitutional,” paving the way to keep the state’s last detention center open. In 2021, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law that prohibited both new and extended immigrant detention contracts between federal authorities and state, local, and private entities. Attorneys for the Biden administration are in opposition to the law, as not having a detention center in the state would create logistical issues. New Jersey Rep. Rob Menendez (D) highlighted that Elizabeth Detention Center has faced lawsuits, complaints, and media reports alleging inhumane conditions for nearly three decades.

The Story of Emmett Till Is the Story of America

At Religion News Service, PRRI Founder and President Robert P. Jones writes that in Emmett Till’s story we can see our country’s oldest struggles with racism and white supremacy that persist today. In his forthcoming book, Jones looks at centuries of history in the Mississippi Delta, land that Hernando de Soto claimed for Spain in 1541, as sanctioned by the Doctrine of Discovery. Four hundred years later, as a result of the white supremacy that continued to live on in the Delta, Emmett Till was abducted and murdered by two white men. Jones asserts “These cartographical testimonies — not only in the Mississippi Delta but in every state in the nation — preserve clues to a hidden past that helps explain our divided present.” Jones also recently joined the Straight White American Jesus podcast to discuss the book.

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