PRRI Data Shines Light on Fox News Republicans

PRRI Data Shines Light on Fox News Republicans
On Thursday, PRRI released a new analysis that shows how Republicans who trust Fox News as their main news source view the nation. Compared to the general population and even to other members of the GOP, Fox News Republicans hold more extreme views across a range of issues, particularly those related to political partisanship, racial justice and discrimination, and immigration. “Fox News’s influence on the Republican Party is powerful and unique; there is no equivalent television media influence among Democrats or independents,” notes PRRI CEO and founder Robert P. Jones. “Fox News Republicans are Trump’s most loyal foot soldiers and will continue to tether the GOP to Trumpism long after Trump has vacated the White House. This fact may complicate any plans Trump has to create his own news network.”
A Note From PRRI Digital Content Associate Doug Barclay About Giving Tuesday 
The changes in the world since PRRI last reached out about contributing in honor of #GivingTuesday are innumerable. As our society has adapted to the challenges of COVID-19, we have provided meaningful data which helps illustrate the impact the virus has had on U.S. citizens. This #GivingTuesday, we hope that you will consider a tax-deductible donation to PRRI to help us provide the type of analysis and data that you have come to expect throughout 2021 and for many years to come. Please donate here.
Deseret News: American Exceptionalism is Earned
A new op-ed by the Deseret News Editorial Board analyzes the low enthusiasm many have for America’s future. “What polls cannot predict and pundits cannot express is the possibility of a brighter future — one that America surely can produce, but one that requires work to create,” they write. The editorial board points out that in 2020, for the first time since 2011, a majority of Americans told PRRI that they disagree with the statement “God has granted America a special role in human history.” “As the country continues to fight a deadly virus and feel the repercussions of a combative election, each American needs to contemplate those decisions. Each of us can be exceptional, but it will take some sacrifice of conveniences or personal gain to do so,” the board opines.
Will Trump Supporters Follow Him From Fox News?
As President Donald Trump approaches his final days in the Oval Office, many have speculated that he could leverage his base of supporters as viewers at a Trump-branded media startup. PRRI’s latest data shows that Fox News Republicans are almost unanimous in their favorable views of President Trump, with 98% who rate him very or mostly favorably, including a majority (59%) who rate him very favorably. Just 1% rate him unfavorably. “It is possible that the outgoing President could damage the Fox brand and peel away disillusioned viewers if he launches a media company of his own. It is possible that the right-wing media map, long controlled by Fox, is about to become balkanized,” writes Brian Stelter at CNN.