President Trump Denies “Losers” Remark About Veterans Killed in Action

President Trump Denies “Losers” Remark About Veterans Killed in Action

Nearly three in four (73%) Americans say they wish Trump’s speech and behavior were more consistent with past presidents, but opinion is polarized. Less than half (46%) of Republicans agree, compared to 74% of independents and 88% of Democrats. The Atlantic recently published a story claiming that Trump referred to American soldiers who had died at Belleau Wood in France during World War I as “losers.” Trump said he would swear on “whatever, or whoever” he “never called our great fallen soldiers anything other than HEROES.”

Live Music Returns (Sort Of) At Red Rocks Amphitheatre

PRRI data from March shows that 80% of Americans were likely to avoid attending concerts due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly six months after the concert industry ground to a halt, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado is looking for new ways to connect with fans. This week, Red Rocks welcomed several headline acts to their stage to perform live shows, without audiences, that were streamed online. According to The Denver Post, more than 4 million music-starved fans tuned in at different points to a recent show featuring Phoebe Bridgers and Nathaniel Rateliff. “For better or worse, we’ll probably be seeing more live-stream-only concerts, even after the pandemic is over,” tries Dylan Owens of The Denver Post.

The New Yorker Tackles American Christianity’s White Supremacy Problem

In a new piece for The New Yorker, Michael Luo looks at the legacy of racism within the American white Christian church. Luo quotes from PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones’ latest book, “White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity.” “Jones’s findings make for some wrenching inferences,” Luo writes. Jones’ latest book tracks the ongoing internal connection between white supremacy and American Christian churches. “White Christian churches, both Protestant and Catholic, have served as institutional spaces for the preservation and transmission of white supremacist attitudes,” Jones writes.