Peter Nicholas: Is Trump Set Up to Win?

Peter Nicholas: Is Trump Set Up to Win?

In The Atlantic, Peter Nicholas outlines a scenario in which President Donald Trump is re-elected in November, despite several hurdles in his way. “Facing the combined calamities of a pandemic and an economic meltdown, Trump hasn’t collapsed. His base never really grows, but neither does it crumple, keeping him competitive,” Nicholas writes. Recent PRRI data shows that President Donald Trump’s favorability continues to trend downward. Less than four in ten (38%) Americans hold favorable views of Trump and nearly six in ten (59%) view him unfavorably.

Local Governments Outraged at Federal Presence in Portland

PRRI data from 2017 shows that less than three in ten (29%) Americans say they trust the federal government to do what is right “just about always or “most of the time.” A majority (56%) say it can be trusted “only some of the time,” and 15% say it can be trusted “none of the time.” In recent days, federal law enforcement and protestors have continued to engage one another in Portland, Oregon. “The situation has left city leaders, now watching the backlash unfold on their streets, outraged and caught in the middle. Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle said in an interview Sunday that the city is in the middle of a self-fulfilling prophecy, with protesters infuriated by the federal presence in Portland smashing windows and setting fires, the very images of ‘anarchy’ that the president has warned about,” reports The New York Times.

WNBA Players Walk Off Court Before National Anthem, Dedicate 2020 Season to Social Justice Issues

In PRRI data from 2018, Republicans were more than twice as likely as Democrats to support a requirement that professional athletes stand during the national anthem (89% vs. 43%, respectively). This weekend, members of the New York Liberty and Seattle Storm WNBA teams added a new chapter to the anthem debate by walking off the basketball court before the anthem was played. “Breonna Taylor was dedicated and committed to uplifting everyone around her,” Liberty guard Layshia Clarendon said before the season began. “We’re also dedicating this season to Say Her Name campaign, a campaign committed to saying the names and fighting for justice for Black women, Black women who are so often forgotten in this fight for justice, who do not have people marching in the streets for them.”

HuffPost Tackles ‘White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity’

In a recent piece for HuffPost, Carol Kuruvilla examines Robert P. Jones’ new book, “White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity,” out tomorrow from Simon & Schuster. “He argues that white Christians ― from evangelicals in the South to mainline Protestants in the Midwest to Catholics in the Northeast ― weren’t just complacent onlookers while political leaders debated what to do about slavery, segregation and discrimination,” Kuruvilla writes. Jones says he hopes the book will cause white Christian churches to do some internal reflection. “Part of what I hope the book will do is help white Christians tell a truer story about themselves,” Jones says.