Ohio Voters Enshrine Abortion Access in Constitution in Latest Statewide Win for Reproductive Rights

Ohio Voters Enshrine Abortion Access in Constitution in Latest Statewide Win for Reproductive Rights

Julie Carr Smyth at the Associated Press reports that Ohioans have voted to enshrine abortion access into the state constitution in the seventh and latest victory for abortion rights supporters nationally. Smyth writes that the constitutional amendment, known as Issue 1, had some of the most protective language of any statewide ballot initiative since the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Its opponents argued the amendment would threaten parental rights, allow unrestricted gender surgeries for minors, and revive “partial birth” abortions. PRRI finds that only 6% of Ohioans say abortion should be illegal in all cases.

Virginia Democrats Take Over General Assembly, a Blow to Youngkin

For The Washington Post, Gregory S. Schneider and Laura Vozzella describe Virginia Democrats’ sweeping election victories, which included flipping the Virginia House of Delegates and holding onto the majority in the state Senate. Across the state, voters rejected Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s efforts to win Republican control of the General Assembly and denied him the allies he needed to ban most abortions after 15 weeks and advance his policy agenda on public education, tax policy, LGBTQ+ rights, criminal justice, the environment, and voting access. PRRI finds that only 28% of Virginians support the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

High Court Seems Likely To Uphold Law Banning Guns for Accused Domestic Abusers

NPR’s Nina Totenberg reports on All Things Considered that the U.S. Supreme Court seems poised to uphold a federal law that bans gun possession for anyone subject to a domestic violence court order. This would be a slight retraction from the SCOTUS decision on “far-reaching” 2020 ruling that decided that in order for a gun law to be constitutional, it has to be analogous to a law that existed at the nation’s founding in the late 1700s. The case was brought by Zackey Rahimi who was sentenced to prison after continuing to fire guns in public after being stripped of his gun license for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and firing a gun at a bystander who witnessed the assault.

Mike Johnson Embodies Evangelicals’ Embattlement Strategy. It May Be Backfiring.

In an op-ed at Religion News Service, Ruth Braunstein examines the evangelical persecution complex, an idea central to Speaker Mike Johnson’s political theology. In 2020, PRRI found two-thirds of white evangelicals believed that “Christians face a lot of discrimination in the United States today,” more even than Muslims, Black people, and Hispanic people. For more than a century, white evangelicals have cultivated the myth that Christians are under siege by a hostile secular culture, but Braunstein’s research finds that perceived embattlement only encourages subcultural strength up to a point. Now, white evangelical Americans have crossed that tipping point and begun a process of decline that has left them smaller, more politically radical, and more desperate to hold onto their power.

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