Missouri AG Issues Order Limiting Gender-Affirming Care for Adults

Missouri AG Issues Order Limiting Gender-Affirming Care for Adults

Sareen Habeshian for Axios reports that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey issued new regulations severely limiting gender-affirming care for both adults and youth yesterday. Announcing the regulation, Bailey stated: “gender transition interventions are experimental and have significant side effects.” In a joint statement, the ACLU of Missouri and Lambada Legal responded that the rule is “based on distorted, misleading, and debunked claims.” The order institutes a three-year waiting period for medical intervention and requires psychological or psychiatric assessment, which will consist of at least 15 sessions to “explore the developmental influences on the patient’s current gender identity and to determine, among other things, whether the person has any mental health comorbidities.” The new rule also states that the patient must ensure they’ve “received a comprehensive screening to determine whether the patient has autism.”

A New Era of Cruelty for Undocumented Immigrants

Zeeshan Aleem for MSNBC reports that Florida is poised to pass some of the most draconian anti-immigrant bills a state has enacted in recent memory that would encourage racial profiling and surveillance. According to The New York Times, the package of bills would expose people to felony charges for sheltering, hiring and transporting undocumented immigrants and require hospitals to report patients’ immigration status to the state, among other laws. Furthermore, DeSantis has called for scrapping undocumented students’ access to in-state tuition. While Latino religious groups in Florida havesupported DeSantis in the past in some instances, they have argued against this legislation as it would criminalize basic functions as humanitarian organizations. PRRI research finds that 62% of Americans say that immigrants living in the U.S. illegally should be allowed a way to become citizens provided they meet certain requirements.

There’s a Reason Every Hit Worship Song Sounds the Same

Bob Smietana for Religion News Service writes that a new study found that Bethel, Hillsong, and a handful of other megachurches have cornered the market on worship music. Of the 38 songs in the study, 22 were initially released by just four megachurches, with another eight songs released by artists affiliated with those same churches. Smietana highlights the 2020 Faith Communities Today survey, which found that about 70% of worshippers attend the top 10% of churches. PRRI Public Fellow Leah Payne, Ph.D., who studies the Christian music business, stated: “The fact that the worship music of megachurches has a bigger share of the worship market corresponds to the practice of worshippers.” Payne also said she doesn’t think scandals at churches such as Hillsong will affect the popularity of their music, because people have a relationship with the songs, not with church leaders.

Prior to Trump’s Indictment, Key Republican Constituencies Gave Him Favorable Ratings

In a recent Spotlight Analysis, PRRI’s Ian Huff examines new PRRI data which finds that prior to his indictment key Republican groups view 2024 presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump favorably and that Trump holds a significant name-recognition lead over both Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. Although Trump has essentially universal name recognition, his net favorability ratings are somewhat lower than DeSantis among key Republican groups. Today, only 33% of Americans overall view Trump favorably, compared to a majority of Republicans (72%). Prior to Trump’s indictment, 62% of white evangelical Protestants held favorable views of Trump, while slightly fewer white evangelical Protestants view DeSantis or Haley favorably (59% and 38%, respectively). Seven in 10 Americans who most trust Fox News view Trump favorably (72%), compared to 69% who say the same of DeSantis, and 53% who say the same of Haley.

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