How One Christian Legal Group Is Shaping Policy, From Abortion to LGBTQ Rights

How One Christian Legal Group Is Shaping Policy, From Abortion to LGBTQ Rights

On NPR’s Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviews The New Yorker’s David Kirkpatrick about his recent reporting on the increasingly influential legal group, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Described as the “Christian conservative movement’s most influential arm,” the ADF has won 15 Supreme Court cases, including overturning Roe v. Wade. It has now shifted its attention to banning mifepristone and restricting LGBTQ, specifically transgender, rights. With an emphasis on upholding Christian values in the judiciary, ADF also has a program that trains law students who then go on to clerk for federal judges or state judges or work in government.

Just How Religious Are the Men and Women Vying for the Presidency?

In an in-depth look at relationship between politics and faith, Natalia Galicza and Ethan Bauer for Deseret News review some of the front runners in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. While religion still plays a role in elections, PRRI’s Census of American Religion finds that the amount of religiously unaffiliated Americans has grown steadily since 2016, and another survey from Gallup found the belief in God is the lowest it has been in nearly 80 years. PRRI’s CEO Melissa Deckman stated: “[Trump]’s shown a willingness to wrap himself in the flag and faith in many ways. At the end of the day, the political calculus of what the policies look like is going to matter more.”

The Faith Factor: Can Religion Help To Win Support for the Environment?

In a new op-ed published in The Hill, PRRI CEO Melissa Deckman, Ph.D. writes about PRRI’s new climate change report and what its findings mean for efforts to address climate change. While the report finds noticeable differences in support for policies to combat climate change across different religious traditions, the majority of religious Americans support what some religious leaders refer to as “creation care.” This includes 80% of white evangelical Protestants and 84% of Latter-day Saints — two of the country’s largest Republican constituencies — who say that living up to their God-given role as stewards of the Earth is also extremely or very important to them.

The Horrifying, Nearly Forgotten History Behind Killers of the Flower Moon

At Vox, Aja Romano looks at how Martin Scorsese’s new film “Killers of the Flower Moon” depicts the greed that fueled the decade-long Osage Reign of Terror and the vast network of collusion that enabled it. After years of unsolved murders, a federal investigation uncovered a plot devised by one man but involving dozens of other community members, from judges to pastors to coroners, to gain the Osage Nation’s wealth. The story of the Osage Reign of Terror, which is also discussed in PRRI Founder and President Robert P. Jones’ new book The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy, is not a murder mystery, but instead a story of widespread white complicity on top of decades of systemic racism.

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