Former President Trump Faces Criticism for Using Language Reminiscent of Hitler

Former President Trump Faces Criticism for Using Language Reminiscent of Hitler

On NPR’s Morning Edition, Danielle Kurtzleben reports that former president Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric has raised concern about authoritarianism in the United States. With his latest remarks, including calling political opponents “vermin” and saying that immigration is “poisoning our blood,” Trump has “clearly crossed into the domain of Nazi ideology,” Robert P. Jones, president and founder of PRRI, told NPR. With increased support for political violence found in PRRI’s 2023 American Values Survey conducted with the Brookings Institution, Trump’s use of such language is concerning, according to Jones, because dehumanizing political opponents “paves the road to political violence.”

The GOP Doesn’t Want You To Know the True Number of Undocumented Immigrants

In a new opinion column for MSNBC, Julio Ricardo Varela writes that a recent report on immigrants in the U.S. disproves the often-repeated notion of an “invasion” at the border. A new Pew Research Center report finds there has been a 14% decrease in the unauthorized immigrant population since 2007. Varela explains that despite hysteria over illegal immigration, changing demographics are being driven largely by migrants entering the U.S. through official channels. PRRI research finds that 73% of Republicans believe that “American culture and way of life” has “mostly changed for the worse” since the 1950s, a time period when the U.S. was predominantly white and Christian.

Supreme Court Refuses To Revive Florida Law Restricting Drag Shows

Adam Liptak at The New York Times reports that the Supreme Court has blocked the implementation of a Florida law that banned children from “adult live performances” such as drag shows. The law in question prohibited “lewd conduct” that “taken as a whole, is without serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value for the age of the child.” A restaurant in Orlando, Hamburger Mary’s, challenged the law, arguing that it violated the First Amendment. Earlier this year, Judge Gregory Presnell ruled that the law was vague and overbroad, highlighting that Florida law permits any minor to attend R-rated movies if accompanied by a parent or guardian which contain content “at least as objectionable as that covered” by the law.

Mike Johnson Is a Board Member of a Christian Publishing House That Called ‘Monkeypox’ a Penalty for Being Gay

At POLITICO, Daniel Lippman looks at House Speaker Mike Johnson’s connection to evangelical minister Ray Comfort, the founder and CEO of Living Waters Publications. Living Waters Publications, where Johnson is a member of the Board of Directors, has published videos and articles asserting that “monkeypox” was a penalty for being gay and former President Barack Obama was rumored to be the Antichrist. PRRI president and founder Robert P. Jones told Lippman, “It’s certainly another troubling sign of how extreme Johnson’s views may be, that he would sit on a board and wouldn’t have a problem with them putting out ideas like this.”

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