Florida’s New Plan Is to Fine Abortion Clinics Into Bankruptcy

Florida’s New Plan Is to Fine Abortion Clinics Into Bankruptcy

Tori Otten for The New Republic writes that Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has fined an Orlando abortion clinic nearly $200,000 for violating a 24-hour waiting period requirement. In court filings, the clinic said that it asked the AHCA, which is led by a DeSantis appointee, when the waiting-period law went into effect, but never heard back. The clinic’s $193,000 fine is nearly triple what a judge recommended in the spring and could bankrupt the health center into closing. PRRI finds that 64% of Floridians believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy with Robert P. Jones on State of Belief

Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, host of the State of Belief podcast, interviews PRRI’s president and founder Robert P. Jones about his forthcoming book, The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy and the Path to a Shared American Future and how the centuries-old Doctrine of Discovery still animates our political and social divides today. Raushenbush opens the conversation by asking Jones about the truth telling required for this book. Jones replies: “It’s at the heart of what I’ve been up to for three books now… trying to disentangle the tendrils of white supremacy that have crept into my faith and the churches I grew up in.” Pre-order The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy here.

Majority of Voters Think Trump ‘Did Something Illegal:’ Fox News Poll

Tara Suter at The Hill reports that in a recent Fox News poll, a majority of registered voters (53%) said they think former President Donald Trump did “something illegal” related to efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The poll also found 20% of registered voters think Trump did “something wrong, but not illegal,” and another 24% said the former president did “nothing seriously wrong.” Also indicted in the Georgia election interference case was a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastor who was charged with attempting to influence witnesses and conspiring to solicit false statements and writings. PRRI polling from June 2023 finds that nearly 6 in 10 white evangelical Protestants (59%) and two-thirds of Christian nationalism adherents hold a favorable view of Trump (67%).

Catholic School System Directs Students to Use Pronouns Assigned at Birth

For The New York Times, Eduardo Medina reports that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts has issued a new policy that orders students to use their names and pronouns assigned at birth and to conduct themselves in a manner “consistent with their biological sex.” The policy will affect more than 5,000 students who attend Catholic schools in one of the diocese’s 21 Catholic schools. PRRI finds that about one-third of white Catholics (31%) and Hispanic Catholics (34%) say that they would be comfortable with a friend telling them that they use pronouns that might not match their perceived gender appearance, compared to 49% of religiously unaffiliated Americans.

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