Despite Trump’s Indictments, Evangelicals Continue to Back His 2024 Run

Despite Trump’s Indictments, Evangelicals Continue to Back His 2024 Run

Jonny Williams at Christianity Today examines the unwavering support former President Donald Trump has received from white evangelicals. While some evangelical leaders want the party to move beyond Trump, the strong majority of evangelicals still prefer Trump over other GOP candidates, illustrating the extent to which conservative evangelicals have come to downplay personal morality in a candidate. In 2011, PRRI asked Americans whether “an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.” That year only 30% agreed with the statement, but in 2016 when Trump won the GOP nomination, their share spiked to 72% — a number that remained largely unchanged when PRRI asked the question again in 2020.

NYC Mayor Puts $12 Billion Cost on Migrant Crisis, Blames ‘Broken’ National Immigration System

Emily Ngo at POLITICO reports that on Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adams presented new cost projections for the tens of thousands of migrants in New York City’s care. Calling for increased federal and state assistance, Adams said, “If we don’t get the support we need, New Yorkers could be left with a $12 billion bill.” Nearly 100,000 migrants have arrived in the city over the past year,  and though New York City’s Right to Shelter law requires the city to provide beds and care in a timely manner, migrants have been subjected to sleeping on the sidewalk. PRRI finds that Americans are significantly more likely to favor accepting more highly skilled immigrants (69%) into the United States than to favor accepting more low-skilled immigrants (39%); this is true across all party affiliations and demographic groups.

Gay Veterans Sue Defense Department Over Military Discharges

Matt Lavietes for NBC News reports that a group of LGBTQ veterans dismissed from the U.S. military because of their sexuality are suing the Department of Defense for access to veteran benefits. The plaintiffs also argue that the discharge documents which list their sexuality are a violation of privacy. Over 13,000 service members were discharged from the U.S. military for violating the 1993 “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. “Because of the circumstances and language of my discharge, which served as a painful reminder of the trauma I experienced, I was never able to proudly say that I served my country,” one veteran stated. PRRI finds that the majority of Democrats (90%), independents (82%), and Republicans (66%), favor nondiscrimination provisions for LGBTQ people.

The Science of Happiness Sounds Great. But Is the Research Solid?

For NPR, Rebecca Ramirez, Aaron Scott, Rachel Carlson, and Brit Hanson report that new analysis of the research behind commonly recommended happiness strategies finds that these strategies may not be supported by strong scientific evidence, due to having too few subjects, using flawed methodologies, over-analyzing data, or failing to meet other research criteria. Researchers Elizabeth Dunn and Dunigan Folk did find some evidence that gratitude practices, increased social interaction, mindfulness, and exercise could increase happiness, despite small bodies of research. Last year, PRRI found that most Americans are satisfied with the number of close friends they have: 47% are very satisfied, and an additional 33% are somewhat satisfied.

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