CNN Looks at Trump’s ‘Stone-Age’ View of Women

CNN Looks at Trump’s ‘Stone-Age’ View of Women

Less than four in ten American women (37%) have favorable views of President Donald Trump. PRRI data shows from March to April, Trump saw a decline in favorability among white women specifically (51% to 42%). At CNN, Jill Filipovic writes of Trump’s “stone-age” view of the role of women amid a recent controversy at the state department. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly instructed staff to complete domestic chores outside their job description. “An assumption that men like Pompeo are too important to do the dishes, then, isn’t just a comment about dishes. It’s a reflection of an entire ideology that Trump has carried out, from who he places in positions of power to how he wields his own. Men are on top. Women are cleaning up the mess,” Filipovic writes.

‘Jane Roe’ Claims She Was Paid To Publicly Campaign Against Reproductive Health

PRRI data shows that 38% of Americans say it is somewhat or very likely that abortion could be made illegal in their lifetime, despite the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade legalizing the practice. Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” plaintiff in the famous case, spent the latter portion of her life campaigning against the rights the court case ensured. Before she died in 2017, she told filmmakers that it was all an act, and that she was paid to publicly change her views by the Christian group, Operation Rescue. McCorvey’s new revelation and other reflections on her life air in the new documentary “AKA Jane Roe,” which airs Friday on FX.
Hershey’s CEO Defends Company Contributions to the Human Rights Campaign
Across the United States, 72% of Americans favor laws that would protect LGBT citizens from discrimination, including at the workplace. Support comes from a wide variety of religious groups, including 61% of white evangelical Protestants. Among the organizations that supports these initiatives is The Hershey Company, whose CEO recently had to defend contributions to the Human Rights Campaign. “Inclusion and diversity are incredibly important values to us here at the Hershey Company,” CEO Michele Buck told someone at a recent shareholders meeting. “They are important not only to our culture but also to our business.”

Queens Priest Brings Mass To Your Front Door

As the Easter holiday approached, vast majorities of religious Americans said they would seek out alternative means of celebrating their faith. Among those who typically attend religious services, majorities of nonwhite Protestants (69%), white evangelical Protestants (65%), and Catholics (63%) said they planned to attend online services for Easter or other occasions. In Queens, Father Peter Purpura, who recently recovered from COVID-19, is now making house calls and walking the streets of his neighborhood, performing a brief socially distanced service for people outside their homes. “With this procession I am able to bring the church to them, when they’re not able to come to us,” he tells The New York Times.

Ruby Rose Leaves LGBT Representation Void on CW’s ‘Batwoman’

When PRRI and MTV polled America’s youth ages 15-24 in 2017, they found that (55%) say the news and entertainment media promote negative stereotypes of gay and lesbian people. Fewer than half (45%) said women are depicted in a negative light. One of the few programs on television that celebrated a lead LGBT female character was the CW’s Batwoman starring Ruby Rose. On Tuesday, Rose surprised fans by announcing she would leave the program after one season. According to the CW, that doesn’t mean that the show will abandon having an LGBT lead actress front and center. “We — along with the show’s talented creative team — look forward to sharing its new direction, including the casting of a new lead actress and member of the LGBTQ community, in the coming months,” producers said in a statement.

New League Hopes to Reignite Women’s Sports

The majority of Americans (85%) believe playing sports is somewhat or very important for a young woman’s physical and emotional development. A new female-led sports model hopes to create more interest in women playing sports by ditching classic regional affiliations in exchange for annual tournaments taking place in cities across the United States. According to Axios, Athletes Unlimited is a network of sports leagues that hopes to reimagine and reinvigorate women’s sports. “The plan is to launch three women’s leagues over the next three years, beginning with softball, which will debut this August in Chicago, and volleyball, which will debut next February,” Axios reports.