Americans Think the American Dream Is Dying

Americans Think the American Dream Is Dying

Dave Lawler at Axios reports that recent studies have found an overall decrease in the belief that the American dream is attainable through hard work. A study by the Wall Street Journal found that 45% of Americans believe the American dream once held true but isn’t today, marking a nearly 10% drop since PRRI posed the question in 2012. The belief in this notion varies by demographic: women showed more pessimism than men, and younger individuals were notably less likely to endorse this belief compared to those over 65. A recent NBC poll also found that only 19% of respondents expressed confidence that their children’s generation would be better off than their own.

Chicago Scrambles to House Migrants as Winter Approaches

Daniella Silva at NBC News reports that as winter looms, Chicago officials face pressure to find shelter for migrants. Currently, 12,251 migrants reside in 26 city-run shelters, with 2,175 waiting in O’Hare and Midway airports. Since August 2022, over 21,700 asylum-seekers and migrants have arrived in Chicago due to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s migrant busing program; roughly 9,000 have been resettled. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker recently pledged an extra $160 million to aid asylum-seeker resettlement. Meanwhile, Mayor Brandon Johnson announced a new 60-day limit on shelter stays. PRRI finds that the majority of Americans (55%) say the growing number of newcomers from other countries strengthens American society.

What the Paul Pelosi Case Revealed

For the LA Times, Anita Chabria describes the conspiracy theories and once-fringe sentiments that motivated Paul Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, on display during DePape’s recent trial. Chabria writes that efforts to stir up hysteria by framing LGBTQ+ individuals as dangerous have bled out from internet chat rooms, onto streets and into school boards, increasing the likelihood of politically motivated violence. These beliefs, including paranoia about threats to white Christian values, have entered the mainstream, with 59% of Republicans saying that what children are learning in school is a critical issue facing the United States in the 2023 PRRI American Values Survey.

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