Abortion Opponents Are Trying To Deter People From Traveling out of State for Care

Abortion Opponents Are Trying To Deter People From Traveling out of State for Care

Shefali Luthra at 19th News reports that although abortion is now almost completely outlawed in 15 states, there have been only about 2,900 procedures fewer per month since the fall of Roe v. Wade. Traveling to other states has played a major role in people’s continued ability to access abortions; as a result, some abortion opponents have turned to new legal and legislative strategies such as passing laws curbing abortion-related travel, prosecuting people who help patients leave the state for an abortion, and investigating abortion funds that help people leave the state for care. PRRI finds that 80% of Americans oppose laws that make it a felony crime to seek an abortion.

Climate Advocacy Group Plans To Spend $80 Million on Ads To Aid Biden

The New York Times’ Reid J. Epstein reports that Climate Power, a liberal advocacy group, will spend $80 million on advertising to lift President Biden’s standing on environmental issues and inform voters about the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act he signed last year. Polls show that voters are generally dissatisfied with the Biden administration’s actions on climate, similar to their dissatisfaction with the economy. A recent Washington Post poll found that 70% of Americans would like the next president to be someone who favors government action to address climate change. PRRI’s new Climate Change report finds that 77% of Americans support providing tax breaks for individuals who adopt renewable energy sources to power their home.

Supreme Court Justices Interrupt Female Attorneys More Often Than Men

Kavya Beheraj and Will Chase at Axios report that according to a new study analyzing four decades of court transcripts, Supreme Court justices are far more likely to interrupt a female attorney during oral arguments than a male attorney. The analysis showed that a female attorney in conversation with Chief Justice John Roberts can expect to get interrupted 2.1 times more often than her male counterpart. In a separate study, researchers also found that Amy Coney Barrett, the only conservative female justice on the court, wasn’t interrupted as often as the liberal female justices. PRRI research shows that while 83% of Americans agree that “American society improves when women have more career and educational opportunities,” only 31% of Christian nationalism adherents agree

Exploring the Diverse Religious and Political Affiliations of Hispanic Americans

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, a new Spotlight Analysis from PRRI’s Diana Orcés, Ph.D. examines the evolving religious and political affiliations of Hispanic Americans. As the largest ethnic minority group in the U.S., Hispanic voters play a pivotal role in the American electorate, with political positions that are closely tied to religious affiliation. While PRRI data shows a decline in the number of Hispanic Americans who identify as politically independent, when it comes to ideology, there are noticeable differences between the shifts that have occurred over the past decade among unaffiliated Hispanics (who have become more liberal), Hispanic Protestants (who have become more conservative), and Hispanic Catholics (who have become more moderate).

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