A New Poll Has Chilling Findings About Political Violence and 2024

A New Poll Has Chilling Findings About Political Violence and 2024

MSNBC Opinion Columnist Sarah Posner reviews the 2023 PRRI American Values Survey, examining how white evangelical Protestants continue to be outliers in U.S. politics. Today, 60% of evangelicals doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election, and yet they are the most determined demographic to vote in 2024 (78% say they are certain they will cast a ballot). Only 28% of evangelicals believe Trump committed serious federal crimes, compared to 58% of Americans overall. Nearly one-third of white evangelicals, regardless of party affiliation, expressed support for political violence, representing the highest percentage among all Americans.

Republican Radicalization Takes Its Toll

In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin writes that “regardless of the political fortunes of four-time-indicted former president Donald Trump, the MAGA movement he spawned has radicalized millions of Americans.” In addition to a sharp increase in support for political violence, the 2023 PRRI American Values Survey found that belief in QAnon has increased from 14% of Americans to 23%, with Republicans twice as likely as Democrats to buy into the extreme conspiracy theory. The report also finds that about half of Republicans (48%) agree with the need for a leader who is willing to break some rules, versus 38% of independents and 29% of Democrats. However, only slim minorities of Americans support banning courses like AP African American History (11%) and social/emotional learning (29%) in public schools.

Worries for Democracy’s Future, Agreement on Teaching History

Ashley Lopez for NPR reports on some of the areas of consensus in PRRI’s 14th annual American Values Survey. While the majority of Americans believe democracy is ‘at risk’ in the upcoming presidential election, an overwhelming majority of Americans (94%) say that “we should teach our children both the good and bad aspects of our history so that they can learn from the past,” compared with just 4% who agree that “we should not teach children history that could make them feel uncomfortable or guilty about what their ancestors did in the past.” Robert P. Jones, PRRI’s president and founder stated: “We’re hearing some very loud voices on this front about what’s happening in public schools. For the most part, Americans trust their teachers and really are not behind these bans.”

Startling New Poll Says More Americans Open to Political Violence

At TIME, Philip Elliot examines findings from PRRI’s 2023 American Values Survey (AVS) and what they mean for the 2024 presidential election. According to this year’s AVS, “everyone thinks the country is going in the wrong direction” and Americans appear increasingly fine with surrendering the rule of law if it will make them feel safer. However, when it comes to the candidates, Biden’s unfavorability numbers have grown from 45% in 2019 to 60% and his support is soft; 59% of those who have favorable views of the President say he could lose their support. Even so, Trump draws worse numbers, with 63% of Americans holding an unfavorable opinion of the ex-President.

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