As President Trump’s tumultuous first month comes to an end, a PRRI survey finds 47% of the public believe the president has violated the Constitution.
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Politics & Elections
Is California the Future?
California's religious, racial, and ethnic profile closely resembles the country’s youngest generation.
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Politics & Elections
Ahead of President’s Day, America’s Favorite President
Yearly, Americans observe Presidents Day in celebration for George Washington’s birthday and in remembrance of our nation’s leaders, both past and present. Using PRRI’s 2016 American Values Surv…
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Religion & Culture
Americans’ Double Standard on Religious Violence
Americans employ a double standard over whether Christians and Muslims are true to their faith if they commit violent acts in the name of their religion.
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Religion & Culture
Secular Love
Ahead of Valentine's Day, PRRI looks at the rise in religiously unaffiliated couples and views on differing religious beliefs as a relationship deal breaker.
Six members of the New England Patriots will not visit the White House. New PRRI analysis shows Republicans may be more bothered by this.
New analysis zeroes in on the social context of Americans' attitudes on Islam by highlighting that very few Americans regularly speak with Muslims.
Most American religious groups support same-sex marriage and oppose religiously based service refusals.
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How Neil Gorsuch Squares with Public Opinion
Where SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch stands on religious freedom—including Hobby Lobby—and how his views on ACA's contraception mandate align with the public.
The country's different political parties have very different views on Muslim—and Christian—immigrants.
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